Songkran in Bangkok

From Koh Lanta I travelled to Bangkok. Here I chilled for a while and waited for the start of Songkran. Songkran is the Thai New Year celebrated with a massive water festival for 2-3 days from 13th April onwards.

Unfortunately my Visa exemption was only valid until 13th April which meant the night of 12th April I would get to glimpse the very start of Songkran but miss the main show.

I was staying once again at the delightful Bodega Hostel located just near Sukhumvit Soi 23 (Ye Sip Sam). If you’re in Bangkok I highly recommend you stay here. I stayed there twice and at the Bodega in Phuket. It’s not as cheap as the places on Khoa San Road but infinitely better.

If you’re ever planning to be in Thailand for Songkran I recommend (along with may others) that you go to Chang Mai. The water festival is taken to a whole other level there.

Bodega organised a trip out to Route 66, RCA for us to enjoy the start of Songkran. The other places to go are any of the other two locations at RCA, Khao San Road, or Silom Road. Of course Bodega were organising trips to all of those over the course of the next few days.

During Songkran you can lose all hope of staying dry. Water-pistols are available in abundance and it’s practically mandatory to have one and use one. At anytime of day jubilant Thais will hurl, spray and shower water everywhere and at anyone. And of course it’s really, really fun. Indescribably so.

Equipped with a life proof case and a Dri-Dock pouch for my iPhone I went out to RCA. With so much water and mist everyone the pictures were hard to take. Here they are nonetheless.


The next day I flew to the Philippines which I’ve written about already.

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