Nusa Lembongan to Amed

After Nusa Lembongan, I wanted to get some good diving under the belt so I headed to the East coast of Java.

After getting off the boat at Sanur, I needed to figure out how to get to Amed. I was by myself so couldn’t charter a minivan to take me, that would have been way too much for one person. It took 10 minutes for the Taxi drivers to believe that I couldn’t pay the £30-40 they were asking for to take me to Amed.

They explained how I could do the journey by public transport. I took a 50,000 Rupia taxi to the bus station. At the bus station I said I wanted to go to Amlapura, without batting an eyelid, the man said 200,000 Rupia (£20); I just laughed at him. He didn’t understand, but I said for a little more than that I can get a private car then continue laughing. He seemed annoyed by that. He said how much do you have. I told him I’d pay 50k for the journey. He agreed, snatching the bill out of my hand.

At Amlapura, there appeared to be no easy way to Amed. Everyone I asked just smiled and said they don’t know. Eventually, I found a Bemo to take me a kilometre down the road where I can catch another Bemo all the way. A lady who I shared the first Bemo with helped to explain everything to the next one. He said it’d cost 100,000 Rupia. I’ve yet to ask somebody for a price in Indonesia without them answering in multiples of 100,000 – they typically ask for 10-20 times the local price. Once again I just laughed at the taxi driver. he hadn’t done this enough time to look offended by my laughing. He looked embarrassed that he had messed up the negotiation. I took out a 20,000 bill and said, “Okay, let’s go”. He tried to negotiate in vein, but it was over, “Errrr…50…40…30…okay…20”.


Amed a small coastal village on the East coast of Java is world renowned for its diving.

It boasts a wide array of reefs of its coast. Most famously it is close to Tu Lamben beach where the USS Liberty had found its final resting spot several decades ago – now the Liberty is home to an impressively colourful coral reef and a diversity of underwater life that makes the UN look homogenous.

Amed has a wide range of dive sites offering opportunities to see a lot of big stuff and a lot of small. is a dream come true for those who want to see some really big sea life (Mola Mola’s, sharks, turtles…) and those interested in macro divers (those with an interest in the incredibly small sea life).

I dived with Evolution Divers, a new dive shop with brand new equipment. There’s no shortage of great dive shops in Amed so choosing any of them, I’m sure, would be enjoyable. Evolution Divers had a really chilled vibe. It was more like a bunch of family and friends hanging out and diving than it was a dive shop. If you want to feel like a customer with a professional relationship with your dive company then choose one of the other shops. But, if you want to to learn/be guided by your mates, who you joke around with, chill with afterwards, share a beer and have a BBQ (seriously once or twice a week they do a barbecue), the Evolution Divers is the place you want to chill out and dive with.

Some videos






Underwater pyramids






Baby nudibranch


I can’t remember what, but you’re looking inbetween to the two coral


Some tiny tiny shrimp or something



Before I left the following day I needed to collect my laundry. I headed over to the restaurant where I had left my laundry. The day before they said to come back in the evening the following day. When I had got there they were shut. I walked around to the back and the local villagers living there said the owners aren’t home.

Back at Bali Yogi, they said the guy who owns it used to work in the Bamboo Restaurant up the road. I rode on my bike there. I explained to the restaurant owner that somebody used to work here who opened his own restaurant – Warung Nikmat. He said he knew of whom I spoke. I explained I was leaving early the following morning and that I need my laundry tonight. He said the owner had to go to Denpasar because his father was taken to hospital. He said his wife (who also worked in the restaurant) lives 0.5km down the road near the next Warung.

0.5km later, I found a small shop next to the Warung. I tried to explain to the owner what happened and who I was looking for. She didn’t understand what I was saying. But when I said Warung Nikmat, her face lit up and she said “Ohhh, laundry?!”. “Yaa!” I exclaimed pleased I was getting somewhere. She said, “Wait, wait”. Then she screamed for somebody. The lady who works there appeared and handed the laundry over.

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