Yogyakarta – Part 2: Artsiness, Graffiti, Batik Paintings

Yogyakarta has lots of hidden graffiti down different alleys. The graffiti celebrates everything from the rich history of Java to desires for modern day reforms and equality.

Jogja has no shortage of Batik paintings. It’s impossible to walk down a street without some genuine sounding bystander offering to take you to an ‘Art Gallery’ which is only in town for x-days. Be prepared to hear the words, ‘You’re lucky’, many times. You will be lucky that you made it to Jogja before the art gallery closes and moves to a different location. Lucky that you happened to talk to a teacher going to work in the streets who told you about this art gallery which tourists don’t go to etc. etc. At the end of the day, there is some really nice artwork around Jogja; just be on alert and try not to get ripped off.

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