Kota Bahru

I arrived in Kota Bahru from Penang mid-afternoon. It’s a small town on the north east coast of Malaysia. Most people use it as a stop-off point on the way to Perhentian Islands. As did I. KB doesn’t boast much; not a lot to see or do there.

The lonely planet suggested it was a good place to stay a day or two to explore. I stayed there two nights so I can explore the food scene. There’s a good Indian restaurant and good night market. I also wanted to use the internet before I got to Perhentian to do a few blog related things.

It’s easy to get from KB to Perhentian. There’s a bus that departs hourly from 7 am in the morning to Kuala Basut, from where there’s a 20-minute speedboat that takes you to either of the two Perhentian.

Even just these three paragraphs have literally stretched out what I can say about KB. The next few posts will be about Perhentian. Rather than giving a chronological monotonous overview of events. I’ll write them as a series of very short stories that drop in an out at any point.

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