Perhentian Short Story: The Matahari Family

I dropped my stuff off in the room and headed straight back out. I needed to find somebody to dive with. All the dive shops have regressive pricing, so picking one at the start meant I would be with them for the rest of my time in the Perhentian.

I went back to Spice Dive. Jesse spoke frankly. He said, there really isn’t any point me diving with him. They’ve got loads of Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Courses and Open Water courses so they couldn’t take me out to any of the good dive sites. He told me to walk up the beach and speak to one of the others. A few of them were fully booked. I ended up at Matahari Dive Shop. The staff were friendly, they were going to the dive sites I wanted to get out of the way earlier. SO all in all it was a good match.

Pretty much at least once a day, often twice a day, I would come and just sit and chill with the guys at Matahari. It was the end of the season and everyone was like family. A lot of the guys had done previous seasons on the Perhentian, so they joked around with each other in a way you could only do when you have a long familiarity with someone. But like I said, they were friendly, so very quickly they brought me into the family and I was chipping into their inside jokes and piss taking.

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