Perhentian Short Story: An envelope from a secret lover

Sometime during my second week in the Perhentian I made my way over to the Matahari Dive Shop to say hi to the guys.

I arrived, made a cup of tea and sat down. As I was talking, Sam handed me an envelope and said somebody left this for me. Apparently it had been circulating between dive shops for days before it ended up at Matahari who knew me.

The envelope was titled: “To Rosh, from your secret lover”

I was confused and intrigued. Particularly because I hadn’t had any secret lovers.

I opened it and inside was 50 Ringit. A smirk came across my face and was pinned there for a minute. It was from Garrett! (See post on The Japanese Couple)

The day before he left he said he found somebody on the other end of the island who would exchange Yen for Ringit. He said he would exchange money and pay me back before he left. The poor guy must have got a shit exchange rate but was set on paying me back. The next day I didn’t see him; I can’t recall why, I assume I was running around the island.

He later explained he was waiting around trying to catch me but I never appeared. Just before he was due on the boat to take him back to the mainland, as he was running out of his hotel, he handed the envelope to the receptionist and quickly shouted instructions at him to make sure I received the envelope.

The receptionist not knowing what to do with it, passed it along to other resorts and dive shops. After that the envelope did the rounds it finally ended up at Matahari.

Garrett, went above and beyond to make sure he paid me back. A fine gentleman and true to his word. Bless Canada.

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