Perhentian Short Story: The Conversationist

I was sat chilling with my friend Max and Lena (one of the familiar faces from Koh Rong).

Max is English and shares the same sense of humour as me. The dryer, the more awkward, the more sarcastic the better. This is one of her stories.

Max’s Story

So a friend and I were sat on the beach having a pretty deep conversation. We had been talking for an hour when I guy who was sat on the beach came over and just sat down next to us.

Ofcourse it’s a public beach. He can sit where he wants. But there is an element of personal space here. He just sits there and stares at us for a while.

It becomes awkward. We’re tying to have this serious conversation, and this guy is just sat staring at us. He says nothing.

So after about 5 minute – probably less – I get quite riled up. I turn to him and say quite aggressively

“Excuse me. Can we help you?”

He seems taken aback but says nothing. I repeat

“Can we help you?”

He replies, taken off guard, “Oh yeah, I just wanted to talk to you…have a conversation”.

Hmm…good chat.

That story is the inspiration behind this photo


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