Everest – a patchwork of notes: Day 3

Day 3 – Wednesday 14th – Namche to Debuche (3820m)

The next morning I awoke. My Achilles was still hurting. Apart from that I had no signs of altitude sickness. Typically hikers would stay two nights in Namche Bazaar to acclimatise. I decided to press on because I was feeling fine.

Before we left Namche, I made a quick last minute purchase. It was getting colder and I didn’t own a hat. So I bought a cheesy, Everest Base Camp hat from one of the many, many shops selling it.

Immediately I found the hiking a lot easier. The few kilos I had ridden myself the burden of was making a big difference. The higher we went, the more the mountains came into view, and the more awesome the scenery got.

Namche’s football park

Leaving Namche…touch the inscriptures for good luck

A view down the valley

Emergency helicopters and tourist tours

One of the many ravens flying around the Himalayan area

This sign sparked my interest in Gokyo

Not a bad view whilst having lunch

Water powered luck wheel

As we approached Tengbuche, around 3860m, I started to get a headache. It was either the cold, dehydration or the altitude. Probably all three. Fortunately, we were staying in Debuche, which is a 30 minute, downhill walk from Tengbuche. There’s an old saying, “Hike high, sleep low” so I was pleased that we were defending slightly. As we descended, the headache got a little bit better. That night I had the sharpers home remedy for altitude sickness – garlic soup and Dahl Baht. I drank plenty of water and tea.

Once again with not a lot to do, I went to sleep early around 2030.

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